Alcohol & Tobacco Compliance Checks
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The BARS Program recommends retailers use the following 3 steps in responsibly training employees to sell age-sensitive products:

1) Online or Classroom Training — We Card (tobacco),   ServSafe (alcohol),   Tips

2) In-Store Compliance Check/Mystery Shop Training—The BARS Program

3) Age-Verification Device—built into POS or adjunct device

Responsible Training Model

BARS Program Responsible Training Model
Training Components

Step 1: Classroom Training
    on Sales of Age-Sensitive
Signs, literature and
    classroom sessions -
    "We Card", ServSafe Alcohol

Step 2: In-Store
    Compliance Check
    Training Service

BARS Program Responsible Training Model
Step 3: Age-Verification
    Device - if available
Built-in Point of Sale or
  adjunct unit

Recommended Company Policy

We recommend retailers have a policy to ID under 35 for customers that purchase tobacco and/or alcohol products.

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