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Overt, not Covert! Creating a Positive Employee Culture

Some of our clients have wondered why we openly provide compliance training to store employees rather than simply conducting anonymous stings. We tell them that this is because ongoing compliance training sends a positive message to employees. Rather than a punishment, it’s an investment in the greatest asset any organization has: its staff.


Catch Them Doing It Right


You can protect your people investment and create a positive employee culture by setting your staff up for success. When we conduct our compliance checks, we immediately tell someone whether they received a Green Card or a Red Card. This has been our approach for 20 years, and we have had great results from providing this instant and valuable feedback.


What you don’t want employees to feel is that you are out to get them. A “gotcha” environment leads to lower employee morale and staff retention. When your employees know how important alcohol sales and compliance are, they can appreciate when you invest in their success with effective training solutions like BARS.


Employee Success Equals Your Success


You know that finding the right individual for a job has huge costs, so why not do everything in your power to retain them? Remember that when your staff is successful, you win!


Our overt training approach beats a covert sting operation any day. To protect your business and your employees, sign up for The BARS Program today. Contact us at or 1-877-540-5500.

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