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Alaska's Ruling against Marijuana Consumption in Retail Stores

Last week, we talked about the current state of marijuana legalization in America. Alaska was the third state to approve legal marijuana use – meaning that marijuana possession and consumption became legal for those 21 and older. However, the state is still working out exactly what this means for retailers, as a recent ruling confirmed.


The Alaska Marijuana Control board voted 3-2 to deny a proposal that would have made Alaska the first state to allow marijuana consumption at retail stores. One of the purported reasons for the proposal was that tourists to Alaska had nowhere to consume the pot they purchased, since use is prohibited on the cruise ships that draw a huge number of tourists to the state.


Board members who voted against the proposal cautioned that Alaska did not want to be a test case for this type of new rule since marijuana use is still illegal at the federal level.


Proponents of the proposal saw it as a practical step towards an evolution of treating marijuana similarly to alcohol.


This ruling in Alaska drives home the point that marijuana laws are still very much in flux. No one is yet quite sure what legal marijuana consumption should look like. Perhaps one day you will be able to light up a joint instead of sip a glass of wine in your local restaurant. But for now, businesses need to recognize that there are many gray areas and unresolved issues surrounding marijuana sales.


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