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Door-to-Door Alcohol Delivery

Smartphone apps and web-based platforms allowing customers to purchase alcohol for delivery straight to their doorstep are on the rise. Preform a simple Google search and you’ll see just what we’re talking about. This recent phenomenon brings with it additional opportunities where you’ll need to properly train employees to adhere to local rules and regulations to protect your business from government-backed sting operations.


One self-proclaimed “first and largest alcohol e-commerce marketplace” touts its ability to deliver alcohol in more than 100 markets across North America, including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami, and in smaller markets, such as Albany (NY), Nantucket and Honolulu. Companies like this one partner with well-respected area liquor stores to ensure delivery to your doorstep within one-hour, free pick-up and delivery.


Research indicates specific rules and regulations for legal delivery of alcohol varies by state. One common core requirement among delivery companies: they must have a retail license to sell alcohol to consumers for consumption outside their store. Other examples of state rules include:

  • Alcohol deliveries must be either completed during store operating hours or on government-specified days of the week and times. Some states prohibit the delivery of alcoholic beverages after dark, even if the physical store remains open late into the evening. Whichever the case, you may be required to record the customer’s name, identification information and transaction details, so state inspectors can ensure you're complying with state regulations limiting the quantity of alcoholic beverages sold or delivered to individual consumers.
  • Customers are required to come into the store to purchase alcohol prior to delivery, while other states allow customers to place orders via the Internet or by phone, if the orders are processed in-store. Typically, alcoholic beverages must be purchased in advance – the customer cannot pay the delivery driver upon receipt.
  • Some states limit the amount of alcohol an individual consumer can purchased at once (this regulation is thought to protect against the resale of alcohol).
  • Delivery vehicles must either be owned by the distribution business or the individual driver. If drivers can use their personal vehicles, they may require additional insurance. For vehicles owned by your business, keep the required registration and insurance documents inside the car, and make sure all employees who drive the vehicle are listed on your insurance.


If you provide an alcohol delivery service, or you’re considering one, check with your state licensing board to ensure the appropriate methods of payment and customer identification and validation comply with your state's regulations. Rules vary significantly from state to state. Once this is known knowledge, contact The BARS Program to set up delivery. You can reach us at or 1-877-540-5500.

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