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Green or Red, Honest Feedback Isn't Biased

Priceless. We may be biased, but The BARS Program’s proprietary Green and Red Card system is invaluable. With it, we’re able to provide real-time teachable moments for employees and tangible feedback for management teams. 


Green or Red, we convert this information into detailed, customizable reports for management teams, while documenting employees’ compliance with company policies for verifying age-appropriate purchases. Instantaneous feedback provides employees with undeniable performance metrics and signals management’s investment in the employee’s longevity with the company. Among patrons, adaption of the Program signals commitment to them as an unwavering establishment they can count on. The Program applies to restaurant and retail outlets, including convenience and grocery stores. 


If you’re not currently affiliated with The BARS Program, consider submitting an inquiry today. Compliance training is wide-reaching, and an unlimited number of management personnel are eligible to receive our customizable reports. Contact The BARS Program at or 1-877-540-5500, to begin implanting cost-effective compliance-training and brand-assurance within your restaurant, store or bar. Your brand, your employees and patrons are worth it.

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