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A New Year's Resolution: Make Under-35 Your ID Policy

As you proceed into the New Year, The BARS Program recommends doing away with dated or mirky company policies. Instead, take time to reformulate or reengineer, so your company policies are clear, concise and well-intentionally placed for employees and patrons alike to see.


And if not a practice already, consider adding to your list of policies one that establishes proof of ID for patrons under the age of 35, for transactions that include alcohol, tobacco or related products. Enacting a policy such as this ensures employees know who and how to ID. Additionally, it upholds a positive, non-offensive customer experience. 


If you have questions about an “ID under 35” policy, please contact The BARS Program at 1-877-540-5500. We’ll draw upon our years of compliance expertise to ensure a well-documented, error-proof policy your employees can follow and customers won’t take offense to. To learn more about BARS, visit

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