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Marijuana Retail Granted Cheaper Delivery Options, Compliance Challenges Could Follow

Marijuana delivery services took off during the height of the pandemic, and with apps like, consumers in states where pot delivery is legal, found easy access to what they wanted. Today, although retail dispensaries are commonplace within the Mile High City, the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses wants to make the industry more readily accessible – this on the coattails of legalizing recreational marijuana for home delivery in April 2021.


To accomplish equity within the delivery realm, the department proposes slashing annual delivery licensure fees, which it considers to be the biggest barrier to businesses participating in weed delivery. According to published data, slightly more than 10% of Denver dispensaries have delivery permits1, and less than half of 1% of sales are derived from delivery2. The proposal also seeks to grant delivery rights to “social equity applicants,” aka: cannabis delivery transporters.


Approved cannabis delivery transporters are required to perform residential address deliveries only, have dash cameras and use ID scanners to confirm customer’s age. They must also adhere to set limits on how much product they can carry within their vehicle.4


Denver’s cannabis industry is valued at nearly $1B. Under current Denver rules, marijuana stores cannot perform their own deliveries; yet they must charge a $1 surcharge on each delivery and remit monthly to the local jurisdiction.3


More Colorado marijuana retailers may try to join the delivery game and need options to protect against government-backed stings. When you enlist The BARS Program to develop or overhaul your compliance training platform, you’ll receive superior preparation and knowledgeable information designed to help you achieve success. Learn more at


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