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How It Works



The BARS Program has raised compliance training to an advanced level. We send our Checkers each month, aged 21-25, into customer stores or restaurant locations to conduct mock purchases of cigarettes and/or beer. The purpose of this is to monitor the store employees, seeing if they ask for the customer's ID prior to asking for money to complete the sale. If the ID is requested, the employee receives a Green Card. If not, a Red Card is given.

BARS Program Procedure
If a store has an age-verification device, we monitor if the store employees actually use the device. We partake in regular visits to ensure proper use of the Point-of-Sale (POS) system and age-verification devices.

After the visit, an email report is sent to the storeís management. Visit results are archived in our password-protected reporting website. View sample reports.

Dave Phillippi, Director of Administration
Holiday Stationstores

"We have been partners with the BARS group for over 12 years to provide Compliance Age-Restricted Sales shops for our 500+ Holiday C-Stores. We believe that BARS is the industry leader in this service category. Not only do they provide a consistent, professional service, they are also a great resource for any new developments coming from the various governing bodies for age-restricted sales of tobacco and/or alcohol products. We have always found their team to be very responsive to any issues that arise, as well as, provide a solid reporting system for shopping results."

Jeff Evans, Front End Manager
King Soopers

"BARS Program does a great job. We have seen a return in our investment by educating our employees in TIPS. They can properly handle the sale of alcohol and tobacco."

Bill Young, Director of Beer Policy

"Thereís nobody like The BARS Program in their class of service. Nobody is as reliable or capable of being everywhere in the country. You canít put a price tag on increased reputation or increased access to elected officials. Itís been very valuable."

Courtney Mowry, Director of Licensing & Contracts

"We use BARS mainly as a means to identify restaurants where staff are not following protocol. Weíve always had great customer service from BARS and have received immediate responses to any concerns we may have had."

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