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Welcome to The BARS Program Blog!

We recently launched a snazzy, mobile friendly new website, and now we are rolling

out a blog to go with it. If you’re new to the site, take a look around—you can read

about how our innovative program works, view direct testimonials from happy

clients, and learn about our responsible training model.


Then make sure to follow The BARS Program blog to stay informed and at the top of

your compliance game with news from the field and important updates and

information you need to know to protect your business and your bottom line.

The BARS Program has helped clients all over the country create proactive,

responsible compliance programs to avoid the fines and headaches associated with

failed stings. Our years of experience have helped us to develop a unique compliance

training program that is used by companies such as Kroger, RaceTrac, and

other major sellers of age-sensitive products.


If you’re ready to join The BARS Program today, here are the 3 simple steps you need

to complete. And don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Call

us at 1-877-540-5500 or shoot an email to

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