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How BARS Program Reporting Services Work

The BARS Program innovative compliance training program comes with more than just a pass/fail look at whether your business is complying with carding policies. We issue extensive reports following each visit that provide a wealth of store information to our clients. Here’s how our reporting system works.


What BARS Reports Provide


We have a specific reporting site just for BARS Program clients. After a Checker visits a specific store, they make a Visit Report. Each report is then archived in the password-protected reporting site. This is an extremely valuable tool for any decision-maker—whether the company owner or home-office-based department head—responsible for the performance of multiple stores.

BARS Reports cover several important categories: Best Performers, Worst Performers, History, Summary, and Month-to-Date/Year-to-Date. These categories give an excellent overview of how each store is performing. You can also sort reports by individual store, by division, or by Red Card-only.


These BARS Reports allow customers to benchmark their compliance performance by store, district, and region. For customers who track SPIF (sales performance incentive funds) and/or bonus programs, BARS Reports are an integral part of the equation.


Our BARS Reports are extremely user-friendly, and our customers are often amazed that they can access so much information in one place. Some even directly import BARS Reports into their intranet or company dashboard for easy access. And our Daily and Weekly Reports now feature a red button on the top of the email that will take the recipient directly to the reporting site (bypassing the username and password entry). This is a great feature for anyone wishing to access archived Store Visit Results.


Get Started Today


BARS does not charge set-up or change fees, and there are no ongoing administrative fees associated with the reporting service. So you can get started today with no additional fees. And if you undergo personnel changes, we will update our system anytime for FREE!


If you have any questions about our reporting services or about the BARS Program in general, please contact or 1-877-540-5500. 

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