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Beware of Holiday Stings

The holidays are a time of merriment, celebration, and ritual. Unfortunately for businesses selling age-sensitive products such as alcohol, the holiday season also brings an increased number of stings.


Because holidays mean increased business—from office parties, family gatherings, kids home from college, etc.—enforcement officers increase their efforts as well.  Though compliance should obviously be a priority throughout the year, we want to remind you to be especially vigilant through the holiday season in order to avoid failing a sting.


What Does Compliance Look Like During the Holidays?


The key is to remind your staff about the company carding policy (e.g., ID Under 35) and to stress that it must be followed NO MATTER WHAT! Even if the place is packed and people are waiting for drinks, servers and bartenders must take the time to ask for ID. The holidays sometimes bring in new customers to places that don’t usually have a problem with minors attempting to buy alcohol, so staff might need a refresher on what compliance with company carding policy looks like. And talk to your employees about the risks involved in failing even one sting.


We hope this heads-up helps you prepare for the upcoming holidays. If you want more information about becoming a BARS Program member, please contact us at 1-877-540-5500 or at

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