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Getting Ready for a Sting-Free 2017

We hope you had a successful and sting-free 2016. But even if you had a few compliance issues this year, we know that you can make 2017 the year when you aren’t afraid of employees selling age-sensitive products to minors. Here are a few tips that you can implement in the new year in order to ensure that stings will not be an issue. 


Review Your Carding Policy 


The new year is a great time to review your company carding policy. (Every restaurant, bar, or store selling age-sensitive products should absolutely have a written carding policy, so if you don’t have an official policy yet, that is the first step!) As we’ve discussed before, our recommendation is generally to adopt an ID Under 35 policy. But you can decide as a company what your policy age should be. ID Under 30? 35? 40? This can be assessed based on your market and past experience. Just remember that the FDA does have a mandate to ID Under 27 for all tobacco transactions. 


Refresh Your Signage 


Have you received your new We Card signs for 2017? We also think that We Card’s “Born Before” calendars are a really useful tool to stock up on for the coming year. These materials help both your customers and employees know exactly where you stand when it comes to your carding policy. You can order We Card materials here. 


Ask for Help 


If you have any concerns at all about how to prevent your employees from selling alcohol, tobacco, or other age-sensitive products to minors, we are here to help. Our clients trust our compliance training to help them keep out of any sticky situations. Contact us today at 1-877-540-5500 or, and we can make sure that you are set up for a sting-free 2017.

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