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Springtime = Sting-time: Be Prepared for Increased Stings

Spring is a time for many celebrations: St. Paddy’s Day parties, spring break events, high school proms, graduation parties, and finally Memorial Day celebrations. If you’re in the business of selling alcohol products, you also know that these celebrations come with risks and mishaps. Law enforcement knows this as well, which is why the period between St. Patrick’s Day and Memorial Day represents the second-highest level of alcohol-related enforcement activity (after the holiday season). 


Increased enforcement activity means additional stings, heightened police presence, and targeted anti-DUI efforts. This is good because we want to keep all of the springtime revelers safe. It’s also a good reminder for retailers and restaurants to recommit to training employees on company carding policy. 


When your employees consistently ask for ID when selling alcohol products, you can rest easy that you won’t fail a sting. Remember that failed stings can be harmful—even fatal—to liquor licensees because of stiff fines, employee replacement costs, and suspensions. Get through spring without a sting! Join The BARS Program today by following these simple steps.

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