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Safeguarding Against a Government Bite with The BARS Program

The numbers are in and it’s clear the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) isn’t backing down from its use of stings. Avoid a government bite related to the sale of alcohol, tobacco, or other age-sensitive products by hiring The BARS Program to help properly train your staff and safeguard your brand’s reputation.


Government Stings, August 2017 Numbers

  1. Highest number of stings conducted in any month in 2017: 15,460 stings
  2. Highest percentage of first time failures this year: 11.2 percent
  3. Number of second sting failures: 4,757 (up from 3,771 in 2016)

Don’t become a number, instead contact us today at 1-877-540-5500 or to discuss how to sail through a government sting. And in the meantime, read up on what happens if you fail a sting.

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