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Whole Picture Customer Service: Compliance Training and the Customer Experience

Did you know you can lean on The BARS Program far beyond educational training of the proper way to sell alcohol and tobacco products? It’s true. While our primary focus is orchestrating and implementing superior training for the proper sale of these age-sensitive products, we also can provide our customers with feedback to ensure top-notch customer service experience. From store cleanliness and bathroom sanitation, to attentiveness and tenacity of salespeople and wait staff, we know the ins and outs of customer service.


In addition to compliance training, many of our clients seek “whole picture” information about a customer’s store or restaurant experience and perspective. Was the customer welcomed with kindness and a proper greeting? Did the salesperson make mention of daily specials or the loyalty program? Is the store or restaurant visually appealing? Is it clean, organized and free of clutter?


Enter The BARS Program. We use real, live humans as Checkers to collect customer experience data during our compliance visits. Our Checkers visit your store or restaurant unrecognizable from the general public, assess the customer experience encounter and include the details in a fully customizable Store Visit Report unique to your store or restaurant. The report gives you the details you need about ambiance, staff, training, etc., from an outsider’s perspective. This feedback is valuable and can be included with your compliance visit using Green and Red Cards.


Customer service and proper selling of age-sensitive products go hand-in-hand. If you’re looking for “whole picture” information to strengthen your store or restaurant’s customer experience or training practices, contact The BARS Program today at or call 1-877-540-5500.

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