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Practice Makes Perfect with Compliance Training

What good is taking the time to educate employees on laws, regulations and company policies related to job responsibilities if the training isn’t done on a regular basis? When you partner with The BARS Program, you’ll find our approach to age-sensitive product-selling compliance training is rooted in frequency and consistency. 


Implementing The BARS Program’s Responsible Training Model will significantly decrease your chances of failing a government sting, but it’s routine practice that will make the training foolproof. Whether a retail store or a restaurant, we recommend at least one, if not two compliance audits by our Checkers each month. Any lesser frequency and your brand will not achieve the same positive impact. 


In retail stores, to diversify the training opportunities, we suggest alternating visit types – one month a mock purchase of alcohol during the morning hours; while the following month a mock tobacco purchase. For restaurants, we recommend rotating where the visits take place - one month in the dining area, and the following month at the bar. 


Both visit types require proof of identification, testing store and restaurant employees on compliance with serving and selling age-sensitive products. If a store has an age-verification device or Point-of-Sale (POS) system, The BARS Program will monitor the store employees’ use of them and provide the store’s management team with an email summary after each visit. 


The take-away? Retail or restaurants, The BARS Program recommends both outlets conduct a minimum of one or more age-sensitive product-selling compliance visits per month. Think of The BARS Program as vital monthly insurance for your brand. You’ve spent years building your business; on-going opportunities to practice compliance-training safeguards your investment. 


If you’re in the market for compliance training with evidence-backed stats, or you want to strengthen your current training methodologies for selling age-sensitive products, contact The BARS Program at or call 1-877-540-5500.

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