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A Customized Approach to Compliance Training

A few blog posts back, we discussed the application of The BARS Program to ensure top-notch customer service experiences in addition to the proper sale of age-sensitive products. In this edition, we’re expanding upon the age-sensitive topic to include the sale of select cold and flu remedies, as well as more specific age-qualifying items. 


Our clients work hard each day to safeguard their businesses from adverse situations and threats of failed government stings. To complement their arduous work, The BARS Program offers the value-add capability of customized program visits. With retail outlets selling goods requiring proof of age beyond alcohol and tobacco, and restaurants and bars selling a variety of these products too, customization only seems natural to ensure equal-selling practice. 


Take a grocery store for example. With customization of The BARS Program, one month the store can focus on the proper sale of Sudafed®, which because of The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, requires the purchase to be made by those 18-years and older. The following month, the outlet can test employees’ accuracy of selling e-cigarettes, and another month trials employees’ approach to selling wine. Likewise, restaurants and bars can alternate between the sale of beer, wine and spirits. Each of these customized visits leverage The BARS Program’s Checkers, who are unrecognizable from the general public. 


Losing your license to sell age-sensitive products means losing loyal customers, and time and money required in legal fees to have it reinstated. Avoid the unnecessary damage by adopting a proactive, responsible compliance curriculum with The BARS Program. If you’re looking for a customizable training program to strengthen your store, restaurant or bar’s accuracy and compliance, contact The BARS Program today at or call 1-877-540-5500.

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