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When Age is More than A Number

A training service – not a “gotcha service.” That’s The BARS Program. Through monitoring education and compliance in convenience, liquor and grocery stores, as well as restaurants and bars, we ensure your employees are doing what they are trained to do, while following company policy and appropriately selling age-sensitive products. Below is an at-a-glance overview of the correct, error-proof way to complete tobacco and alcohol points of service in different settings. 


Convenience, Liquor and Grocery Stores


When selling tobacco and alcohol products in a convenience, liquor or grocery store, after a clerk scans the product for purchase at the register, s/he should immediately ask the patron for his/her ID. The patron’s birthdate must be entered into the cash register, or the clerk can swipe or scan the ID, if the store is outfitted with an age verification machine. 


Restaurants and Bars 


Restaurant and bar visits are much more straightforward because they are always for alcohol. In the dining area of a restaurant, servers have until they leave the table to ask a patron for an ID, if an alcoholic beverage is ordered. In a bar or bar area of a restaurant, bartenders must ask for identification before retrieving the alcoholic beverage ordered. 


If points of service involving age-sensitive products do not follow these protocols, could cost your brand, heavily because they increase the chance of failing a sting. Our customers use The BARS Program to raise compliance awareness in stores, restaurants and bars, preventing their employees from selling to underage persons and failing government-backed stings. If you’re in the market for real-time, proactive, responsible compliance-training, or you want to strengthen your current training methodologies for selling age-sensitive products, contact The BARS Program at or call 1-877-540-5500.

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