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Achieving Sustainability, Social Responsibility Though Self-Regulation

Self-regulation. It’s one of the key ingredients to achieving sustainability and social responsibility – two prominent themes in the world of business these days. It’s also a topic we recently discussed with Bill Young, longtime ally of The BARS Program’s compliance-training platform, and global senior director of alcohol for Molson Coors Brewing Company. 


Young says self-regulation within the alcohol industry takes many forms. There’s active involvement with local/federal governments to design policy (ex: liquor license rules and ordinances) with rules and regulations intended to achieve outcomes benefiting consumers and alcohol distributors, alike. Most noticeably, there’s community outreach. Many alcohol distributers, according to Young, work within their communities to advocate for responsible drinking practices (always have a designated driver, don’t drink alone, etc.); support drunk-driving campaigns, college education courses and even, alcohol addiction rehabilitation centers. And there’s enlisting The BARS Program. 


“Companies using The BARS Program have a reputation for self-regulation,” said Young. “Once you’re onboard with The BARS Program, there’s little to no need for government-backed stings when you’re running internal stings on your own employees.” 


Implementation of The BARS Program’s Responsible Training Model among outlets serving and selling alcohol is proven to significantly improve chances of passing a government-backed sting, but it’s routine practice that makes the training foolproof and wins outlets a reputation for being self-regulated. The Program includes a built-in feedback loop, so brands can measure employee compliance through the number of Green and Red Cards received, employee interactions and performance. Better still, The Program is customizable to clients’ needs, where and when The BARS Program Checkers conduct compliance-checkers, specific product checks and more. 


Unlike any other compliance-training program of its kind, The BARS Program is focused on legal-selling of age-restricted products, specially alcohol and tobacco. Avoid unnecessary damages by adopting a proactive, responsible compliance curriculum with The BARS Program. If you’re looking for a customizable training program to strengthen your brand, contact The BARS Program today at or call 1-877-540-5500.

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