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Use the Weight of Conversation to Help Safeguard Against Government-Backed Stings

At The BARS Program, we often find word-of-mouth to carry substantial weight, especially when it results in proactive approaches to compliance training.


Not too long ago at a national restaurant chain’s regional manager meeting, talk turned to compliance-training. The manager of the chain’s Colorado locations recognized he needed to call in reinforcement to help properly train staff and safeguard the brand’s reputation after two of his restaurants failed government-backed alcohol stings. After engaging in conversation with a colleague from Texas, the Colorado manger and managers from two other states contacted The BARS Program and have begun implementing The Program’s compliance-training methodologies.


Word-of-mouth. Proactive planning. Happenstance. Call it what you will, but government-backed stings don’t discriminate, they can happen at any time, in any city. Enlist The BARS Program for a fully customizable solution to safe-guard your brand against adverse situations. 

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