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Double-Duty Brand Assurance with The BARS Program and TiPS

Acumen. Intellect. Judgement. Considering ways to strengthen your brand’s armor against government-backed stings? Then employ double-duty protection by layering The BARS Program with TiPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS). In tandem, the two will accelerate your employees’ knowledge and confidence in the appropriate and lawful practices of selling and serving alcohol.


On its own, TiPS provides an educational foundation through in-person and online teaching sessions to demonstrate to servers and bartenders the correct way of selling and serving alcohol. When coupled with The BARS Program, servers and bartenders put their learned knowledge to the test in real time use through mock purchase scenarios with our Checkers and the Red Card/Green Card system. The BARS Program recognizes TiPS as a complementary curriculum to its compliance-training methodology.

To reinforce your employees’ proficiency and familiarity with the lawful practices of selling and serving alcohol, consider rolling out double-duty protection with The BARS Program and TiPS. Contact The BARS Program today at or call 1-877-540-5500, To learn more about TiPS, visit

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