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New Video Collection of Marketing Collateral Debuts

Ever wonder exactly how it is The BARS Program can systematically safeguard and protect hundreds of brands against failing government-backed stings? In our newly revamped video collection of marketing collateral, The BARS Program President, David Gaudet, explains step-by-step how the compliance-training service works.


The videos total a combined five-minutes of viewing time and provide a thorough snapshot of The BARS’ unique approach to ensuring compliance with local and federal rules and regulations regarding the sale of alcohol and tobaccoin restaurants and retail locations, including convenience and grocery. It’s with our Red and Green Card system that we’re able to provide real-time feedback and teachable moments. We convert this information into customizable and detailed reports for management teams providing a tangible resource for documentation and confirmation of whether employees are following company policy and asking for ID. 


The BARS Program is your partner in achieving success. With more than 21 years in business and customers in all 50 states and Canada, The BARS Program has a 98 percent customer retention rate with notable brands. The BARS Program works.


To access these newly revamped training videos, head over to our YouTube channel to check them out. If you are not a current client of The BARS Program and have questions about our proactive compliance training service, send an email to or call 1-877-540-5500. 

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