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Frontline Diligence: Reinforcing Brand Carding Policies Among Employees

Store and restaurant managers have an abundance of responsibilities on their plates and down their aisles. For starters, there’s keeping up with supply and demand, customer service know-how and personnel-related tasks. But there’s more. A top-notch retail or food industry manager also steers the direction and adaptation of the store or restaurant’s carding policies among employees. 


Brand-approved carding practices for the lawful sale and service of alcohol, and sometimes tobacco, among store customers and restaurant patrons is almost always instructed from the top-down, either by divisional or regional directors within the corporate office and then onto the local level. Enforcing these policies among direct reports most often requires managers to complete compelling and continuous supplemental training courses. 


Help your managers to excel at this portion of their job with frequent, relevant instruction and practice of your store or restaurant’s carding policy. If your managers do not receive this training, or you’re looking to revamp or even establish a carding policy, contact The BARS Program at or 1-877-540-5500. We’ll draw upon our years of experience within the field of compliance to help you understand the unwavering necessity of such discipline

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