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Achieve Cost-Savings, Brand-Assurance with Deployment of The BARS Program

Costs to obtain a liquor and/or tobacco license varies by state, just as fines paid for the illegal sale of either differs by county. But when you adhere to guidelines for lawful sales, your savings never waiver. At The BARS Program, it’s our profession and passion to keep you and your brand in good-standing with the law, and among your patrons. 


Our more than 20-years of expertise within the compliance industry has shaped The BARS Program into a highly valuable proactive and responsible source executing upon more than 5 million visits for bar, restaurant, convenience and grocery store clients, near and far. The annual cost for deployment and adoption of the program among individual clients totals less than 1/10th of 1% of the average annual tobacco sales at a convenience store – this according to National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) sales data. And it’s less than half of 1%  for the average annual alcohol sales. In short, each BARS shopper visit adds up to as little as $25 per visit for conveniece stores. This cost pales in comparison to that of obtaining state liquor and/or tobacco licenses, and even more so compared to fines for failed sting operations. 


Contact The BARS Program at or 1-877-540-5500 to begin implanting cost-effective compliance training and brand-assurance within your store, bar or restaurant. Your brand, your patrons are worth it.

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