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E-Cigarette, Vaping Product Stings Seek to Ensure Limited Access Among Youth

Rumor has it, while the overall number of tobacco-associated stings hasn’t increased, the number of e-cigarette and vaping product stings is on the rise.


This increase appears to be justified, especially when we take a closer look at the numbers. According to the U.S. Surgeon Generals’ website devoted to educating the public about risks associated with e-cigarettes and young people, the use of e-cigarettes is higher among high school students than adults, and higher than the use of traditional cigarettes among this same age group.1 The Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey relevels middle school-aged students are also partaking in the use of e-cigarettes.2 Increased use among both groups has reversed an otherwise decline in tobacco-use observed in recent years.3


This data contributes largely to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) threat to remove e-cigarette and vaping products from the shelves of nationwide convenience stores. 4 The threat is backed by moral reasoning, too. The U.S. Surgeon Generals’ website warns nicotine exposure during adolescence and young adulthood can cause addiction and evoke harm to a developing brain. The likelihood of mood disorders and permanent lowering of impulse control, plus the way synapses in the brain are formed effecting control attention and learning, increase with nicotine-use.


It appears the trend of increased e-cigarette and vaping product stings is here to stay, at least for the near-term. If you believe your brand could benefit from compliance training related to the sale of e-cigarettes and vaping products, contact The BARS Program at or call 1-877-540-5500.



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