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Announcing The BARS Program Checker Visits for CBD

As we announced last month, The BARS Program now offers Checker Visits for Cannabidiol (CBD) purchases. These visits ensure employees are at “the ready” to act upon responsible selling techniques. Just like establishments selling alcohol and tobacco, CBD retail outlets are subject to sting operations conducted by state-authorized enforcement agencies. Failure to follow local selling practices can result in significant fines and even revocation of licensing.


In this edition of the blog, we’re taking a question-and-answer approach to provide you with detailed information about The BARS Program’s new CBD Checker Visits.


Q. How do The BARS Program’s CBD Checker Visits work?

A. Much like our Red and Green Card System for alcohol and tobacco, we send our Checkers, 21-25-years-old, each month into client retail outlets to conduct mock CBD product purchases. When an ID is appropriately requested, the BARS Checker presents an employee with a Green Card; if proof of ID is not requested, a Red Card is given. In both cases, the interaction is documented and shared with store management.


Q. What if my employee receives a Red Card from a BARS Checker?

A. If one of your employees fails to verify the age of a customer, the employee is presented with a Red Card.


Q. What does a Green Card mean?

A. Congratulations. When your employee receives a Green Card as result of a BARS Program Checker visit, your employees are well-versed on your store’s company policies.


Q. How often should a BARS Program Checker visit my store?

A. At The BARS Program, we recommend monthly Checker Visits to ensure error-proof employee compliance with state and local selling practices for CBD. Monthly visits ensure your employees are always ready for a sting – either backed by The BARS Program or a government agency.


Q. Does the same BARS Checker visit my location each time?

A. No. The BARS Program alternates Checkers who visit your store to avoid recognition by employees.


If you’re curious about how The BARS Program’s Red and Green Card System might work for your dispensary or retail location where CBD is included within your inventory, contact The BARS Program at or 1-877-540-5500. Our proven compliance-training platform is vital insurance for your CBD retail outlet.

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