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We Card Awareness Month Celebrated New 21-Year Minimum-Age Resources


At least 10 states, including California and Wisconsin, endorses national non-profit, We Card this month with formal government-issued designations naming September We Card Awareness Month. At The BARS Program, we believe this moniker to be a rather fitting milestone as nearly a quarter of the country1 adjusts (or will soon adjust) to newly established “under 30” mandates for the sale of tobacco and vapor products.


Devoted to boosting compliance with federal, state and local laws governing age-restricted products among retailers, We Card produces job aids, tools and best practices for lawful retail practices; urges retails outlets to initiate and maintain real-time compliance checks for employees and encourages devoted attention to coverage of current national, state and local laws among retail management teams. In line with its mission and the newly erected age-restriction requirements, We Card unveils its 21-year Minimum-Age Resources featuring downloadable summaries of each state’s new law, as well as state-specific Training Booster Courses for employee education and confidence with implementation and customer service. These materials are available to retailers at no charge.


Modifications to state minimum-age laws come in light of vast underage vaping currently sweeping the nation and heightened devotion among the FDA and other national, state and local government agencies to increase retail compliance for the lawful sale of age-restricted products. To learn more about We Card Awareness Month, newly established minimum-age requirements or to download training materials, visit the We Card website.


For assistance with implementation of new or current regulations governing the sale of age-restricted products, you can always enlist The BARS Program. Learn more about The BARS Program at, or by contacting us at or 1-877-540-5500.



1 We Card, We Card's "21" Law Info & Resources Summaries

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