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Stay in the Game, Avoid Failed Government-back Stings

According to calendars, its officially fall – a season known in many states for chili cook-offs, hunting excursions, football games and tailgate parties. Avoid halting your store or restaurant’s participation in the season’s activities by adhering to state, local andfederal rules for alcohol sales. In this edition of the blog, The BARS Program is sharing three strategies for staying in the game.


1.  Make compliance a cornerstone

Emphasize among your employees, new and old, the importance of following your store/restaurant’s compliance training platform. Some may feel uncomfortable asking for ID from older customers; it’s critical they’re empowered to do so and that they understand the consequences of a failed stings.


2.  Rules for underage servers

Many states allow servers and bartenders who are over the age of 18 to serve and sell alcohol, so long as a manager is on the premises. In certain instances, underage servers may be permitted to take orders, but prohibited from pouring and delivering drinks. Check with your local government for more specific rules and regulations.


3.  Rotate Checker Visits

One and done is rarely a good prescription when it comes to obtaining first-rate compliance rates. Engage in monthly Checker Visits as quarterly visits simply aren’t enough to guarantee superior results. And diversify the time and place of visits to ensure all employees are at “the ready” to practice responsible alcohol selling techniques.


Our more than 20-years of expertise within the compliance industry makes The BARS Program a highly valuable, proactive and responsible source for bar, restaurant, convenience and grocery store clients, near and far. Learn more about The BARS Program at, or by contacting us at or 1-877-540-5500.

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