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What is your Benchmark? How do you Compare?

The proof is in the numbers. Clients of The BARS Program know this to be true. When you team up with BARS, you’re taking a vital step toward attaining near-flawless compliance with state and local regulations for selling alcohol and tobacco. And with near-real time reporting metrics, your management team is always aware of employee compliance when BARS Checkers visit your location.


Retail and Restaurant customers can access a number of valuable reports on The BARS Program reporting site.  With a username and password provided by The BARS, all previous visit information is archived on the site.

In addition, after every visit, a report is emailed the next business day.  Every Wednesday morning, a weekly summary is sent to every customer.

These reports can be customizable and allow managers to slice and dice the data however they need. The BARS website is the launch-pad for simple report-construction and quick access to procedural videos illustrating Checker visit-types.

To prepare a report, users complete the following steps.

1.     Select a division, store number and type (dealer, franchise, corporate).

2.     Identify the type of report to be compiled. Options include summary, history, month-to-date – year-to-date, store list, performance. Remember to chose Red Card, Green Card, or both.

3.     Select which type of visit the report should include (alcohol, tobacco or both).

4.     Set the report date range. A wider date range requires a longer processing time.

5.     Select “Get Report.”

Within each report, management can view data for ID verification and ID scans. Plus, dive even deeper with the breakdown of Checker Visit location, date and time; Checker profile details, including name, age, Red and Green Card distribution; and employee name and type of visit.

Reports are easily downloaded as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. Learn more about The BARS Program at, or by contacting us at or 1-877-540-5500.

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