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Make 'Under 35' Your Brand's Policy for Alcohol and Tobacco Purchases

Although 30 appears the norm, at The BARS Program, we encourage our clients to enact policy for proof of identification among customers under 35-years-old. A well-documented and consistently practiced compliance policy upholds a positive, non-offensive customer experience; as well as sets expectations among customers and employees, alike.


When you have a clear and concise compliance policy in place, the practices detailed within it become a way of doing business and accurately following one’s job description – employees never have to guess when to ID, or even how-to ID. If you’d like assistance with updating or re-writing your brand’s identification policy to include under 35 practices, contact The BARS Program at 1-877-540-5500 or We’ll draw upon our years of compliance expertise to unsure a well-documented, error-proof policy your employees can follow and customers won’t take offense to.

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