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On-Demand Economy Adapts to Unique Challenges, Opportunities

Curbside pick-up and food delivery. Evermore proof of an on-demand economy, one where we can enjoy the flavors of our favorite restaurants without ever leaving our homes (or car, if we’ve opted for curbside delivery), replenish our pantries without stepping foot in grocery stores, etc. The drive for on-demand brings consumer outlets unique challenges and opportunities.


Take restaurants, for example. With stay-at-home orders in place around the country, many states have amended liquor laws allowing alcohol to be delivered alongside food delivery. This is the case in California where restaurants can temporarily sell beer, wine, and pre-mixed drinks and cocktails in containers with secure lids. Additional states, including Colorado, New York, Texas, Nebraska, and Maryland have similar amendments in place, according to The Sacramento Bee.1


Also, a reality today? Curbside alcohol delivery. In Alabama, an amendment passed by the ABC Board allows bars and restaurants to bring beer and wine in any size and number of containers (not exceeding a set limit) out to a customer’s car.2 In Kansas, a similar amendment is in place; however, businesses must designate specific “to-go” parking stalls located within a 50-foot radius of the business entrance; any sale outside the 50-foot radius is prohibited.3


One thing is certain. Although concessions (with no clear end-dates) are being made to liquor laws across the country, proof of age regulations remain the same. At The BARS Program, we suggest staying diligent as ever in ensuring careful steps are taken to validate customer IDs. You can do this by reviewing your state’s licensing requirements for age-verification and implementing suggestions given. An additional adaption might be incorporating We Card’s smartphone Age Checker app into your practices to scan ID bar codes without the proximity of traditional point-of-sale equipment.


For help with incorporating liquor law amendments and continuation of age-verification practices, now and in the future, The BARS Program is always an available resource. Contact us at, or by calling 1-877-540-5500.



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