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Experience Proficiency with The BARS Program Partnerships and Compliance Platforms

Streamline your on-boarding processes for new employees, advance a manager’s role and responsibilities, or retain/refresh an employee’s knowledge with the help of two nationally recognized compliance and reinforcement companies. At The BARS Program, we’re honored to share with you the platforms of our trusted partners, We Card and TiPS.


We Card specializes in educational platforms for tobacco retail outlets. With three award-winning training courses offered for employees, managers and retraining, participants receive interactive and engaging exercises and simulations addressing U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements and state-specific laws. We Card also produces job aids and tools developed using industry best practices. To learn more about these educational opportunities, visit We Card’s eLearning Center.


Providing an educational foundation through in-person and online teaching sessions, TiPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) coaches servers and bartenders on responsible service, sale and consumption of alcohol in grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and beyond. Training is categorized as on- and off-premise, and is available for the casino gaming industry, as well. Following two- to three-hour courses during which participants learn legal responsibilities associated with alcohol service, signs of intoxication and implementation of skills learned with real-life scenarios, certification is valid for 3-years and is recognized by nearly all insurance companies. For greater detail on available courses, visit TiPS’ courses webpage.


Through these trusted partnerships, BARS clients receive superior instruction and reinforcement of federal, state and local rules and regulations for the lawful sale of tobacco and alcohol. To reinforce and accelerate your employees’ proficiency and confidence with lawful selling and serving practices, consider launching double-duty protection with The BARS Program and our partners, as we provide a service that is complementary in every way to what TiPS and We Card offer. In other words, our partners teach the materials, and BARS Program tests employees in the store to make sure they are putting the material into practice.  This ensures your employees are tested by us, rather than in a government sting.


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