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The Moral of the Story: Don't Fall Down on Regulations While Business is Good

Across the country, convenience, grocery and liquor stores bear witness to steady increases in sales as they contend with little to no competition from bars and restaurants. This trend is one of the many unforeseen repercussions affecting the United States amid the coronavirus outbreak.


What explains gains for some alcohol outlets and not others? Duration of consumption. According to a June 30 article from Forbes, Alcohol Sales Are Not Spiking Or Even Stabilizing. Here’s Why The Misconception Matters., Americans are shifting alcohol purchases to off-premise shops rather than lingering at bars, taprooms, etc. This move is in line with reports of COVID transmission and the on-going shuttering of site where social distancing cannot be guaranteed, including sports stadiums, music venues and more.


The moral of the story is to vigilantly practice lawful alcohol-selling practices at your convenience, grocery and liquor store while business is booming. Missteps could drastically decrease your piece of the now shifted revenue stream. If your employees are struggling to stay afloat amid a flurry of customers, contact The BARS Program at 1-877-540-5500, or visit for more information.

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