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Trending Now: Not all Beverages are Created Equal

As a growing number of everyday consumers trade in alcoholic beverages for alcohol-free options, well-known brewer and liquor companies are taking steps to differentiate their product portfolios to include teas, energy drinks and nonalcoholic spirits, to name a few.


One company actively making change is Molson Coors. In February, the company formerly changed its name to Molson Coors Beverage Company as a reflection of its new strategy.1 And most recently, it announced a long-term deal with La Colombe Coffee to expand distribution of its specialty ready-to-drink coffee products in convenience and drug stores nationwide.Prior to this, Molson Coors unveiled a range of non-alcoholic products scheduled for release later this year, including 3-flavors of low-calorie, probiotic seltzer; a plant-based diet soda containing zero calories and zero sugar; a grain-based milk alternative made with barley and without stabilizers or additives; and a nootropic performance beverage intended to improve brain performance and health.3


As the trend for product portfolio differentiation continues, don’t mistakenly assume a brand has abandoned alcohol all together. Rather ensure your grocery, convenience or liquor store continues to uphold lawful practices of alcohol sales in the areas where you operate by adopting The BARS Program’s ID under 35 initiative and upholding thorough employee training. In response to the growing portfolio differentiation trend and to strengthen training efforts, BARS encourages incorporation of instructional training efforts aimed at identification of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This training may require careful review of product labels and perhaps, even ingredients, especially if barcodes are damaged and/or scanning technology is unavailable.


For help with implementing these practices, contact The BARS Program at 1-877-540-5500, or visit We will leverage our 20+ years of alcohol-selling compliance to ensure your employees are accurately trained.


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