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Taking Stock of Employee Knowledge

As the aisles of your grocery or variety store fill with a growing selection of beer, wine, spiked seltzer and tobacco products, The BARS Program encourages you to pause and give thought to your current compliance efforts. Are store-wide employees well-versed on protocols for selling age-sensitive products?


Intended as a thought-provoking question, when a store clerk scans a customer’s order, including perishable and non-perishable food, personal hygiene items and age-sensitive products, does he or she know at what point in the sale to suspend the transition to confirm the customer’s age? Does the employee conduct a visual scan of the order and ring the alcohol/tobacco up first, or are these items saved for last? What if the clerk is younger than the legal-selling age in your area; who do they call for assistance?


A partnership with The BARS Program will help you to formulate responses to each of these questions; plus, a flawless and scalable employee compliance training program to protect your licenses to sell these products. Watch our overview video, available at , for complete program details. Enlist The BARS Program as additional insurance for you brand. Contact us at 1-877-540-5500.

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