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Retail Compliance Mixology: A Recipe for Employee, Business Success

Proactively safeguard your retail business from the consequences of failed government-backed stings by partnering with The BARS Program. Our highly tested and proven compliance training platform works in your favor to ensure employees are fully aware of and adequately trained on compliance practices related to the sale of age-restricted products.


How BARS Works

Following initial consultation to learn about your business’ current compliance practices for the sale of alcohol and tobacco, BARS works to establish and/or reaffirm protocol. Next, BARS Checkers pay visit to your establishment, twice monthly, to enact real-time purchasing scenarios with store clerks. Following proper process for proof of age during a Verify Visit, the Checker asks for the clerk’s name and presents a Green Card; should the clerk fail to follow procedures, they are presented with a Red Card, as well as an explanation of the business’ affiliation with The BARS Program and asks for the store manager’s name.


When a 2-in-1 Visit is conducted, a BARS Checker requests or presents an item for purchase at the register, the clerk scans the item’s barcode and requests proof of age. The Checker hands over identification and the clerk scans and returns it. If done according to compliance, the Checker presents the clerk with a Green Card and requests the clerk’s name. If the clerk neglects to ask for and scan the ID, s/he is given a Red Card and their name is requested.


Videos of these procedures in action are available at If you’re in the market to strengthen your retail business’ alignment with age-sensitive product-selling compliance standards, contact The BARS Program today at or 1-877-540-5500, to ensure the on-going success of your brand.

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