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Play it Safe by Installing Consistent BARS Checker Visits

It’s no secret consistency becomes routine. And routine your employees will have when you partner with The BARS Program. We’ll work in tandem with management teams to redirect and reinforce compliance training efforts, so ID checks become commonplace. These efforts could protect your business from failing government-back stings AND give your employees ample chance to practice what you preach.


With BARS, employee practice opportunities come in the form of Red and Green Cards. These cards measure performance during mock purchase scenarios; results are shared with management via customizable online reports broken down by store, division and/or region.


The cost of BARS compliance training pales in comparison to fines for failed alcohol stings. Take a convenience or grocery store for example, they may pay as little as $300 per year for BARS training compared to a hefty $4,000 fine for a first-time failed alcohol sting. At this rate, a year’s worth of monthly BARS training at 12 stores could have been paid for.


Liquor stings are happing now. There’s no time better than the present to get to know The BARS Program. Think of The BARS Program as vital monthly insurance for your brand. Losing your license to sell age-sensitive products means losing loyal customers, time and money. Avoid these unnecessary damages by adopting a proactive, responsible compliance curriculum with The BARS Program. Contact The BARS Program today at, or call 1-877-540-5500.

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