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Enforcement Ramps up Efforts on Underage Alcohol Sales, Social Access

From California and Texas, to Florida and Massachusetts, news headlines spanning the web recount stories of illegal access to alcohol among those under the legal drinking age. Obtained through methods such as shoulder taps, social access and underage purchases, at The BARS Program, we can assure you government agencies are out in full-force to combat underage access.


Headlines report active compliance checks to uphold alcoholic beverage control laws throughout the country, as well as adverse and costly consequences, such as jail time, fees and state-imposed sanctions. Receiving only verbal warnings, 24 Manchester, NH, restaurants failed recent compliance checks conducted by the local police department and The New Hampshire Liquor Commission Division of Enforcement and Licensing upon selling alcohol to patrons 19 and younger.1


Underage access isn’t a geographic issue. In Wisconsin, 25 percent of high school juniors who drink admit to buying alcohol from a retailer. In another stat, one in four Badger State teens report attending a party where kids drank alcohol that was purchased by an older sibling or parent.A 2018 youth survey conducted among Illinois high school seniors reports easy access to alcohol according to 63 percent of students surveyed, while 44 percent report getting alcohol most frequently from parents, and 30 percent report obtaining it most commonly from an adult other than their parent with that adult's permission.3


Your best defense against underage access is to follow your carding policy and ID under 35 years of age. 


Ensure your employees are properly trained to identify underage purchase attempts and social access scenarios, by enlisting the expertise and industry knowledge of The BARS Program. Together with our compliance training platform and your market proficiency, we’ll work to combat underage access to alcohol. To learn more about BARS, visit For questions about any of The BARS Program specifics, contact us at or call 1-877-540-5500.


The BARS Program is the most effective, low cost and high return training service available to liquor license holders.



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3 Daily Herald, May 10, 2021; Barrington sticker campaign tackles underage drinking

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