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BARS Checkers: Old Enough to be Mistaken; Young Enough to Check

When a BARS Checker enters your establishment to conduct a signature BARS Program Green and Red Card Visit, the encounter is intended to effortlessly mimic an authentic customer transaction. Read about how The BARS Program Checker Visits work. After each visit, valuable business-specific metrics are entered into a customizable BARS Program Summary Report that is confidentially housed online and shared among specified management team members within your organization.


Within the reports, management can not only review the results of each BARS Checker Visit conducted, such as location, date and time logistics, employee name and related personnel details (view a sample report by visiting; they can also view specifics related to the BARS Checker, including their age. The age of our Checkers is a frequent inquiry made among participating BARS clients. Along with other qualifying criteria, BARS Checkers must be between the ages of 21- and 25-years-old to serve in the role. Those within this age range are in-align with, or aren’t far removed from, the minimum required legal age to purchase alcohol, tobacco and vaping products; thus making them excellent participants in compliance-verification scenarios.


To learn more about The BARS Program and our highly-effective compliance training platform, visit; or contact us at / 1-877-540-5500. The BARS Program is vital monthly insurance to safeguard your brand against costly government-back stings.

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