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Its More Than Just a Number: Age of BARS Checkers Revealed

Ages really does matter. And this is why when a BARS Checker enters your establishment to conduct a signature BARS Program Green and Red Card Visit, BARS ensures the person performing the check is between the ages of 21 and 25 – an age-range in line with, or not far from the carding policy age (ID under 35) and above the required minimum legal age to purchase alcohol, tobacco and vaping products. Interactions with BARS Checkers are intended to effortlessly mimic authentic transactions with customers who could easily be mistaken for underage patrons.


When coordinating the details of a BARS Checker visit, age confirmation is available via the BARS digital reporting page alongside the visit date within the “info” tab. Confidential digital reporting metrics also relay rapid and highly valuable business-specific results from each BARS Program Green and Red Card Visit, including location, date and time logistics, employee name and related personnel details (view a sample report by visiting All reports are shareable among specified management team members within your organization.


To learn more about The BARS Program and our highly-effective compliance training platform, visit; or contact us at / 1-877-540-5500. BARS recommends carding all customers under 35. Read more about this policy and how to adopt The BARS Program as vital monthly insurance for your brand.

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