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Compliance Collaboration with BARS Program Partners

Streamline on-boarding processes, refresh on-the-job knowledge and advance a manager’s role with the help of BARS partners, We Card and TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) – both nationally recognized tobacco and alcohol compliance and reinforcement companies. It is in collaboration with these trusted partners that BARS provides clients with superior instruction and reinforcement of state and local rules and regulations for the lawful sale of tobacco and alcohol.


About BARS Partners


We Card. Leveraging industry best practices, We Card-produced resources are routinely relied upon by retail outlets to initiate and maintain real-time compliance checks among employees. We Card also encourages devoted attention to coverage of current national, state and local tobacco and vaping laws among retail management teams, through the production of industry-specific thought-leadership editorials.


TIPS. A tried-and-true educational foundation, TIPS is specifically designed for servers and bartenders to demonstrate the most accurate practices for selling and serving alcohol. Training sessions are available in-person and online.


To reinforce and accelerate your employees’ proficiency and confidence associated with lawful selling and serving practices of alcohol and tobacco, consider launching double-duty protection with The BARS Program and our partners. Learn more about The BARS Program at

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