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2022 Brings New Laws out of the Smoke

With each calendar year, new state laws are introduced and/or adjustments are made to existing ones; 2022 is no different. With an eye on tobacco- and e-cigarette-specific regulations, The BARS Program has rounded up state and county-specific changes set to take shape this year as part of the nation’s ongoing fight against underage tobacco-use.


In Illinois, the newly minted Preventing Youth Vaping Act heightens restrictions and penalties on e-cigarettes by allowing state law enforcement to seize products in violation of the bill’s prohibition on marketing to children.1


Oregon’s Tobacco Retail License law now requires licensure within the state to sell tobacco products; this allows state government to track where tobacco and related products are sold to ensure compliance with the regulation. Penalties for lack of licensure are slated to begin July 1.2 The state’s second most-populated county, Washington County, narrows its local grasp on underage smoking by prohibiting self-service tobacco displays and requiring all sales of tobacco and related products to be completed through vendor-assisted purchases. Under the same ordinance, the county becomes the first in the country to ban flavored tobacco products.3


Sacramento County, Cali., falls in lock step as it, too, rolls out new legislation, set to begin July 1, that bans candy-flavored e-cigarettes, hookah tobacco, menthol cigarettes and sweet cigars used to smoke cannabis. Failure to comply could result in fines of up to $25,000.4 And across the country, more than 20 cities in Minnesota, including Bloomington and St. Paul, now have local ordinances restricting or banning the sale of flavored tobacco products.5


At least a handful of states, including Colorado, Florida and New Jersey, may make moves later this year to further regulate tobacco and e-cigarettes. In the meantime, the FDA continues nationwide regulation of Tobacco 21 Legislation via compliance checks – this includes verification of purchasers’ age under 30.


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