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New Normal: Training Requirements for State Liquor Laws & Regulations


When it comes to serving alcohol, training requirements are anything but consistent across state lines. Several states require training and proof of completion; others make training completely voluntary; and yet some have no requirements whatsoever.


California is one state that requires training. It’s Responsible Beverage Service Training was recently amended to mandate that the state’s estimated 1M servers take and complete valid training by August 2022; all future hires must complete the training within 60 days of starting a job within the industry.1 State-approved training and certification is also a requirement within Montana. Servers and bartenders there, as well as their immediate supervisor and owner/manager of the establishment, must complete training authorized by the Montana Alcohol Beverage Control Division.2


Alcohol-server training is entirely voluntary in as many as 15 states, including Minnesota, Ohio and Arkansas, according to  data gathered by the Alcohol Policy Information System, a project of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Meanwhile, in Idaho, research reveals the state’s most populated municipalities, Boise and Meridian, are the only within the state to enforce server-training requirements.


It is possible alcohol-server training could reduce a business’ risk and liability of patron intoxication, and even decrease or completely abolish underage sales and on-premise drinking. The BARS Program is committed to continuously monitoring server requirements. In the meantime, bolster deeper understanding of local and state laws among your employees by layering job-specific training with BARS’ trademarked Green and Red Card Platform. Together, we’ll help you to safeguard your business and achieve success. Learn more about BARS and our compliance-training platform by visiting



1California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control; Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Training; Alcohol Compliance: Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service (RASS) Training

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