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National Restaurant Association Serves up Safe Alcohol Practices; Plus, ID Under 35

The National Restaurant Association is in the business of much more than just serving food. Together with ServSafe, the two outfits established the ServSafe Dining Commitment in 2020, to showcase devotion to the health and safety of restaurant employees and patrons. At its core, the program is designed to stay on top of ever-changing regulatory requirements for each state.


And as customers return to pre-pandemic patterns of life, including dining out, it’s the program’s pledge to adequately prepare restaurant employees for responsible and lawful handling of alcohol, that resonates most with The BARS Program. The ServSafe Alcohol® Training Program offers online and instructor-led courses depicting realistic scenarios servers are likely to encounter on the job. Once training is complete, eligible trainees receive a ServSave alcohol serving certification; the certificate is recognized by The National Restaurant Association for a three-years after course completion.


If your establishment is not already engaged with The National Restaurant Association and ServSafe’s alcohol training program, consider incorporating the curriculum into your server-training protocols. And to further safeguard your restaurant from alcohol-serving mishaps, add to your list of policies one that establishes proof of identification for patrons under the age of 35. Enacting a policy such as this ensures employees know who and how to ID, and it upholds a positive, non-offensive customer experience.


If you have questions about an “ID under 35” policy, please contact The BARS Program at 1-877-540-5500. We’ll draw upon our years of compliance expertise to ensure a well-documented, error-proof policy your employees can follow and customers won’t take offense to. To learn more about BARS, visit

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