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Make BARS Dynamic Reports Work for You

Monthly metrics are made easy with The BARS Program’s password-protected reporting site. Each confidential report allows management team members to view the outcome of each BARS Checker visit in near real time. Reports include Red/Green Card results; location, date and time of the visit; employee name and number. Name and age of the BARS Checker who conducted the visit is also listed. All reports are shareable among specified management team members within your organization. View a sample report by visiting


Reporting metrics are available in current, past, month-to-date, year-to-date, store list and performance views. Depending on inventory, grocery and c-stores can slice reporting data by product-type, including alcohol, tobacco, alcohol + tobacco, and e-cigs. To learn more about The BARS Program our dynamic reporting tool, and how the Red and Green Card method might benefit your store, restaurant or bar, visit

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