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Digital IDs are now accepted in 25% of US States

As smartphone technology continues to advance, traditional ways of life are being altered, including the use of identification.


In fact, nearly a quarter of all US states now allow digital proof of identity, age, and address wherever physical driver licenses and other state-issued IDs are required. This means that retail customers are increasingly accepting digital IDs as a form of identification to purchase alcohol or tobacco.


As of 2023, less than 3% of businesses still accept digital ID as proof of age to buy age-restricted products, but this trend is quickly changing. These retailers allow digital IDs to be used the same way paper or hard copy identification is utilized. It is viewed as an equally valid form of ID for purchasing age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco.


It's important to note that whether in digital or classic format, an ID is still required for these purchases. The BARS Program recommends retailers ID under 35 all customers for age-restricted purchases.


To ensure that your establishment is compliant with the latest age-verification protocols, it's crucial that your employees are well-versed on all related procedures for lawful selling practices.

The BARS Program is here to help with compliance training for your employees.


Contact us at 1-877-540-5500 to learn more about how we can assist you in this process. Visit to learn more about our compliance-training platform.

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