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Strengthening Compliance: The BARS Program and Collaborative Partnerships


In today’s ever-evolving marketplace, the path to success often involves collaborative partnerships that bring together expertise, knowledge, and resources. At The BARS Program, we understand the significance of such partnerships, and we take pride in joining forces with industry leaders like ServSafe Alcohol and We Card. Together, we strive to ensure that businesses remain compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding the sale of tobacco and alcohol.


Our Trusted Partners: We Card and ServSafe Alcohol

We Card and ServSafe Alcohol are nationally recognized names in the field of tobacco and alcohol compliance and reinforcement. These partnerships allow us to offer our clients exceptional instruction and reinforcement of state and local rules and regulations, helping businesses maintain compliance and uphold responsible selling practices.


We Card: Leading the Way in Tobacco Compliance

We Card is committed to helping retail outlets establish and sustain real-time compliance checks for their employees. Through industry best practices and the development of job aids and tools. We Card encourages businesses to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance. Their focus extends to keeping retail management teams well-informed about current national, state, and local tobacco and vaping laws.


With We Card as a partner, The BARS Program ensures that our clients receive top-notch guidance in navigating the complex landscape of tobacco compliance. We Card’s dedication to educating and empowering businesses aligns perfectly with our mission to facilitate responsible selling practices.


ServSafe Alcohol: Elevating Alcohol Service Standards

ServSafe Alcohol, available through the National Restaurant Association, specializes in providing an educational foundation for servers and bartenders. Their comprehensive teaching sessions equip individuals in the hospitality industry with the knowledge and skills needed to serve alcohol responsibly and safely.


By partnering with ServSafe Alcohol, The BARS Program enhances the proficiency and confidence of employees involved in alcohol service. Together, we promote the most accurate and responsible practices for selling and serving alcohol, ultimately reducing the risk associated with alcohol-related incidents.


Experience Double-Duty Protection with The BARS Program and Our Partners

When you choose The BARS Program, you’re not just selecting a compliance training provider; You’re embracing a comprehensive approach to compliance that leverages the expertise of our esteemed partners, We Card and ServSafe Alcohol. Together, we offer a robust toolkit for businesses seeking to reinforce their employees’ proficiency and confidence in lawful selling and serving practices.


To learn more about The BARS Program and how our collaborative partnerships with We Card and ServSafe Alcohol can benefit your business, visit our website at Together, we can navigate the intricate landscape of compliance and ensure that your business operates responsibly and within the boundaries of the law.

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