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Knowledge is Power, Making an Investment in Your Employees with Compliance Training

Being a server, bartender or store clerk comes with a certain amount of risk and worry. As an employer, you can put some of this stress at bay when you partner with The BARS Program.


The BARS Program’s ongoing compliance-training program is an investment you make in your employees. An investment that includes time and exposure to your restaurant/store alcohol-selling policies – the when and where of alcohol service, number of drinks a customer order at once, when staff should ask for an ID, etc. – and those served up by the government. When you invest in training for your employees, you’re signaling to them you want them to succeed. The training is a valuable step in protecting them from short- and long-term mishaps. It’s a positive thing, you appreciate your employees and want them to succeed; you’re making them a top priority.


If you currently have a partnership with The BARS Program, don’t hesitate to broadcast it to your employees. It is an asset you should explain, while detailing the purpose of the collaboration – their success. If you are not yet affiliated with BARS, call us today to get started with investing in your employees through compliance-training. After all knowledge is power. Empower your employees with on-going learning opportunities and training. Government stings are going to happen.


Contact The BARS Program at or call 1-877-540-5500. For another teachable, read about what to do after an employee receives a Red Card for incorrectly serving a Checker an age-sensitive product.

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