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Fulfill Employee Ambition with Frequent Compliance Training Opportunities

The hospitality industry faces its greatest challenge yet as labor shortages loom and quality of service wanes. Yet, an article from FSR Magazine recounts the strong preferences of some employees within the industry, who desire work-life balance, and learning and development opportunities.


When you make compliance training commonplace with your business’ educational lineup, you safeguard your brand while simultaneously fulfilling employee ambition. And there is no shortage of on-the-job training opportunities to test compliance with federal, state, and local laws, when you partner with The BARS Program. Signature training comes in the form of mock purchase scenarios with age-restricted products and immediate feedback with Red and Green Cards.


For a video collection of how the Program works, visit The BARS Program website. Videos total just over 5-minutes and provide a thorough snapshot of The BARS’ unique approach to alcohol- and tobacco-selling compliance in restaurants and retail locations. The website also includes industry data and customer testimonials.


With more than 25-years in compliance, The Program has a 98 percent customer retention rate among notable brands. To get started, or to learn how to successfully enact an under 35 policy, contact The BARS Program at 1-877-540-5500, or visit

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