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Well-Wishes for a Safe and Compliant Holiday Season, Year Ahead

The Holiday Season is upon us. As we return to celebratory traditions and every day patterns of normal, The BARS Program encourages you to remain dedicated to compliance training for new and veteran employees.


In our post-pandemic world, alcohol consumption – whether at home or in a public-setting – remains a well-liked pastime, with purchases and procurement made online, in-person and by delivery. Despite record-high inflation and supply chain woes, big data collector, IRi, predicts pandemic-level alcohol purchase volume.


Pre-mixed and ready-to-drink cocktail options are among consumer favorites, as are better-for-you alternatives and premium products.1 And e-commerce purchases remain a darling of the times, too, with beer, wine and spirits topping in-person and virtual shopping carts, according to IRi. In some ways, this data seems to support the National Retail Federation’s forecast for 8 million+ more holiday shoppers out and online this year compared to last.2  


With these numbers on tap, you’ll need to safeguard your business and reputation by providing employees with proper training, so they can remain vigilant against underage purchases. There is no shortage of on-the-job training opportunities to test compliance with federal, state, and local laws, when you partner with The BARS Program.


May you find peace, joy, and compliance success this Holiday Season, and Always. To learn more about The BARS Program, visit


1Grocery Drive, 08/09/2022; The pandemic upended alcohol consumption. Here’s where it stands and what grocers need to know.

2National Retail Federation; Record 166.3 Million Shoppers Expected During Thanksgiving Weekend

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